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When a family dentist cares for an entire family, she gets to know each member of the family individually as well as becomes aware of any genetic medical problems or dental issues. The children of these families tend to grow up going to the same dentist as their siblings, mom and dad, which lessens their anxiety, and even makes a visit to the dentist fun.

Yet there may come a time when your family dentist might suggest you take your little one to a paediatric dentist rather than have the child remain under her care. This is often the case when the family dentist spots a more serious condition or one that requires the specific expertise of a paediatric dentist. It could also be that your child is too young to sit in a dental chair designed for adults or that she is particularly nervous and requires sedation tailored specifically for a child of her age. Any of these might be a reason your family dentist would recommend a specialist whose job it is to work only with children and whose training is entirely focused on helping children with their exact needs.