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All Dentists maintain rigorous standards to ensure their dental practices are kept free from any micro-organisms that can cause disease or infection. Dentists comply with infection control regulations as infection control in a medical environment is of the utmost concern for keeping patients healthy.  Universal protocols are coordinated and utilized for all patients, ensuring that there is no cross-contamination between patients and are employed in the disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of all materials including instruments and even the examination chairs before and after patient visits.

Numerous additional procedures are undertaken to ensure infection is controlled in a dental office.  Patients are asked to update their medical history before each visit. Dentists and hygienists maintain their own personal health by eating properly and getting adequate rest. All staff also strictly adhere to the immunization schedule as laid out by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. All personnel wash their hands before, during and after touching patients and wear Personal Protective Equipment that serve as barriers against pathogens, including protective eyewear, uniforms, face masks and disposable gloves.

Such care and attention to infection control is essential in order to keep everyone healthy and safe.


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