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If ever you were to experience an injury to the mouth, gum disease, significant tooth decay or other trauma or disease causing the loss of some or all of your teeth, you would most likely wish to replace the natural teeth with artificial teeth.  One way to replace the missing teeth is with dentures.  Modern technology has made dentures look like real teeth that not only give you a great smile, but also help you to eat, speak naturally and prevent facial droop, which often happens when a person loses his teeth and the muscles around the mouth lack proper support.

Several types of dentures have been created to meet people’s varying needs. The two most common are full dentures that are inserted into a mouth already healed from the removal of teeth, and partial dentures that are placed between existing teeth, or implants, to maintain the correct alignment of the teeth and help the patient chew and function normally. In this case, the saved teeth, or the implants, serve as supports for the dentures.

The chief side effect of denture wearing is some minor irritation or discomfort until your mouth adjusts to the dentures.  Your dentist will adjust the dentures in a follow-up visit to ensure a best fit.

It is important to practice good dental hygiene when wearing dentures.  Their cleaning is easy and effective. Your dentist will explain how to keep the dentures clean and your smile its brightest.