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As adults, we hold memory in our bodies even from early childhood; the sound of a drill, pain, a dentist who didn’t make us feel safe- these memories stay with us and can affect us as adults, causing us to fear or even avoid going to the dentist.

If you’ve ever felt jittery, anxious, or downright afraid before a dental visit, or the feelings are so intense you’ve avoided seeing the dentist altogether, you’re not alone. In fact, anxiety with regard to seeing the dentist is so common, scientists have developed the “Corah’s Dental Anxiety Scale,” which doctors use to combat and overcome these anxious feelings to help people get the care they need.

Regular dental care is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth. If there is pain or a problem and it isn’t treated by a dentist, it could become far worse and result in longer, more complicated, painful and expensive dental repair.

At Dental Care For You, Dr. Samar Fadavi speaks with every patient who is experiencing anxiety prior to any treatment. She is trained to guide patients through any concerns and can take you step by step through the treatment or procedures you’ll experience.

In certain instances Dr. Fadavi will recommend sedation to help you relax or that you bring a friend or family member for support. Patients can also discuss options to find more comfortable ways to approach treatment: you might wish to spread treatments out over several appointments, adjust the timing of appointments for a less stressful period in your life, and prior to any treatment, you can request a consultation to chat with the dentist and be informed about your options.

Our goal at Dental Care for You is for everyone to receive the care he needs and feel safe and comfortable while getting it.